*UPDATED JULY 31, 2020*

Bleu Tangerine Salon and Spa reopening date is May 11th! Our schedule will be modified due to limitations on guest capacity mandated by the State of NH. 

We have been busy during our shutdown cleaning and enhancing our facility to assure our staff and guests are safe and enjoy the best experience possible which includes:

  1. PPE (personal protective equipment) as defined by the CDC for all guests and staff.
  2. Facility and station cleaning per CDC requirements using approved CDC hospital grade products.
  3. Minimum of 6 feet separation between all style stations. Our salon 4,000 sq/ft size allows our styling stations are more than 12 feet apart.
  4. Our HVAC system is what is referred to as a “Make-Up Air System” which is designed to make-up the air in the interior that has been removed due to the process of exhaust fans. This type of HVAC solution pulls in fresh, tempered air from outside the building to replace existing air. We set the systems to “always on” to assure clean outside air for all employees and clients year-round, 24/7. The three units have been fully serviced with new HEPA MERV 13 medical grade filters installed.
  5. We have installed two in-duct air purifiers utilizing proprietary Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology. Installed into the supply plenum of our existing HVAC system air ducts, the in-duct air purifiers produce Hydro-Peroxide plasma that is distributed through the air handler, through the duct system and into the conditioned salon space. Unlike passive air technologies, which need pollutants to pass through the unit for purification or filtration, the in-duct air purifier sweeps through the salon actively purifying pollutants at the source. In addition, the charged plasma induces particles to coagulate or stick together making them bigger and easier for your filter to catch. Hydroperoxides occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere and are part of nature’s process of cleaning the air. Our air quality is second to none.

The dual system specifications:

    1. Dual ionizers to reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores)
    2. Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses
    3. Reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet.
    4. New zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces
    5. Neutralizes chemical process VOCs leaving air fresh and clean.
    6. Unlike portable units that are limited to the room in which they are placed, the system provides whole salon and building purification.


We are currently able to complete ALL services as per the State of NH:

June 15th:

Cosmetology – Everything within the Scope of our Licenses

Barbering – Everything within the Scope of our Licenses

Manicures & Pedicures – Everything within the Scope of our Licenses

Esthetics – Everything within the Scope of our Licenses

Massage – Everything within the Scope of our Licenses

Massage will be returning in the coming weeks. Please call for more information.

We currently have ALL our stylists returning as of June 15th please feel free to view our Meet the Team page which can be found on the top menu of this page.

We have also released our Bleu Tangerine Wait List for Massage Services ONLY. Please do not join the wait list for any other services at this point in time. The Wait List can be found at https://bleutangerine.com/waitlist or on the top menu of this page.

We will be reaching out to all individuals on the wait list once the restrictions have been lifted.

Mandatory Appointment Questions:

We are required by the State of NH to ask these mandatory questions:

  1. Have you Traveled or been around someone who has traveled in the past 14 days?
  2. Have you been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days?
  3. Have you been asked to self quarantine by an employer or the State?
  4. Do you currently or have you had a fever or lower respiratory symptoms such as a cough, runny nose or shortness of breath in the last 14 days?

Failure to answer the questions will result in a refusal of service. If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions we will require that you reschedule your appointment after 14 days from the last exposure or travel.

  1. Safety and Operating Procedures for Guests and Staff:

    Not Feeling Well: If you have been traveling, have a fever, cough, or feel ill, we ask that you reschedule your service.

    Arriving at the Salon: We ask that you arrive 15-minutes before your appointment time. We ask that you call (603) 329-3460 upon arrival and a staff member will ask you COVID-19 related questions. Please wait in your car until your appointment time and we will meet you at the door.

    Social Distancing: We ask that you do not bring anyone with you to your service, as we are abiding by strict guidelines for large gathering spaces. If you do need another person to accompany you, we ask that they wait in your car during the service.

    One Personal Item Only: Purse, bag, etc.

    Masks Requirements: Staff and guests will be required to wear protective masks throughout your service. Masks will be provided if you do not have one.

    Temperature Check. Employees and guests will receive a “no contact” Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer temperature check prior to entering the premises.

    Hand Washing: Guests will be expected to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the salon. Employees will be washing their hands between guests and throughout the workday.

    Drinks/Food/Magazines: We will temporarily be unable to offer beverages, food or magazines. Please do not bring food or drinks into the facility.

    Capes: During color services, we will provide you with a clean cape over your clothes. There is a possibility that you could get color on your clothing and ask that you keep this in mind when choosing what to wear to your appointment.

    Payments: We are requesting that all transactions be paid for by credit card. There will not be a need to sign your credit card slip.

    48-Hour Cancellation Policy: We kindly request a 48-hour cancellation for all services. If a 48-hours notice is not given, a fee equal to 100% of the missed service will be charged.

    Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding these procedures. 

    Thank for your understanding & support,

    Bleu Tangerine Management